About Bits

These are parts of


all things I don’t want to lose.

Many are more naturally saved in verse,
or other forms that look like poems.
Some are recent,some go way way back.

The readings and reblogs
Are usually introduced in my own words,
But always referenced.

The links on the right are blogs that I found
Inspiring. They still are. Take a look.

10 responses to “About Bits

  1. As well as lyrical this is visually a beautiful poem as introduction.. c

  2. I had to come see who left the nicest comment I’ve ever had on my blog. I also see how you found me. Ms C is my hero. I will be stopping by again. Shortly and certainly.

  3. Albert, I journal for this very same reason; so as not to lose those ‘bits’ of all you describe that mean something to me. I save them up to ruminate on further at my leisure. Besides the content of your poem I particularly like the structure.

    • Thanks, Robyn. Yes, writing is a “lifesaver,” isn’t it. And for me, poems help keep writings focused and pleasant to reread.

    • Hi Robyn. Do you journal in public (i.e. on your blog)? I tried writing in notebooks, but eventually realized that, aside from clarifying my own thoughts and feelings at the time. They stayed in a drawer or on a shelf, never to be looked at again. Why, Im not sure. But with this type of journal there is a chance that I might go back and re-think. Even re-feel. And the words are all there in their places from now on (sometimes with pictures, though without a smartphone or camera I’m pretty limited in that area. I do copy special ones, remembering to ask permission. They can compensate for, and sometimes inspire, a blocked mind or drifting mind.)

      • Hi Albert,
        In response to your question, I journal for myself mostly, doing my best thinking when writing. I’ve filled many, many mole-skins with musings and personal stuff. I write to understand myself. I write poetry when full of angst. I use my blog to examine other more general conundrums and get a thrill from people responding with their ideas – like you have here. One special journal I keep is for once a year reflections, goals, records of events and what I’ve thought of them, what I might have done better. Having had an academic interest in personal narrative, I’m forever fascinated how others record their thoughts. I often go back and re-read. Do you think it matters if you don’t reread your entries?
        Don’t you find this little reply box frustrating? I have to keep scrolling up to see what I’ve written.
        Lovely to chat to you.

  4. Pat

    Dear Albert,
    When Celi posted the search for interested guests to post on her blog site, I wondered whether you might be one of them. Your story was a beautiful read and visitation to your memories of days of yore in another country. I think there’s a book in you ready to blossom…from the soul of the man who hides behind words! Thanks for sharing your story – I enjoyed the trip and story to Greece.

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